About us

  • 4 qualified auditors
  • 1 qualified fiduciary expert
  • 1 bachelor of business administration
  • Highly-motivated accountancy team with a proven track record, headed by a qualified fiduciary

Where to find us

Industriestrasse 70, 6300 Zug
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Landstrasse 123, FL-9495 Triesen
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Andreas Bühlmann (a.buehlmann@act-ag.ch)

Andreas Bühlmann began his professional career as a currency trader at a number of major and medium-sized banks. In 1992 he switched to auditing. Shortly thereafter he worked as head auditor on briefs of listed and medium-sized companies, some of which remain clients to the present day. Andreas Bühlmann, born 1968, is a graduate auditor, recognised audit expert in accordance with the amended Audit Supervision Act and a member of the Swiss Chamber of Fiduciaries. He speaks German and English.


Monica Maurer (m.maurer@act-ag.ch)

Monica Maurer started her business career in hotel management where she successfully passed the Hotel Management School in Lucerne. After several years of working in the hotel business, she found her interest in the field of finances and accounting. In addition to her work, Monica Maurer completed her education as certified trustee and subsequently qualified as Swiss Certified Fiduciary. Monica Maurer was a member of management of several nationally and internationally active accounting and tax companies in the function of head consultant for companies as well as private clients.


Moritz Heidegger (m.heidegger@aac.li)

Moritz Heidegger has many years of experience in audit, trust services, tax and consulting. He worked for different audit companies in Liechtenstein and is managing partner of the audit group AAC. Moritz Heidegger is certified public accountant of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He speaks fluent german and english.